I am a twenty-something who grew up in Texas (with a short stint in California) and now lives in Chicago. I just finished up the program and The New School for Massage and Bodywork to become an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). I also have a Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University in Business Administration (sic ’em bears!).

I have another blog where I put thoughts about faith, social issues, and other serious topics.

This blog is for those things that don’t really belong on my “serious” blog, such as recipes, style, fun books I’m reading, decorating ideas, learning new “life skills,” etc.

In no particular order, my interests include swing dancing, music (particularly of the jazz/swing/folk variety), finding new smoothie recipes, natural/DIY beauty recipes, reading good books, Marvel movies, front porch swings, massage therapy, advocacy work, experimenting with new eye shadow colors, traveling, putting together new outfits, and people.

I wish I was into running, cleaning my room, having enough money to eat ultra-healthy & buy only ethically made clothing, waking up before 7am, doing all my car repairs myself, and managing to make my crazy curly hair look good on a daily basis.

You can follow me on Twitter (I mostly post serious thoughts), Instagram, and Pinterest.


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